Your trusted payroll service in the Wellington region

No matter the extent of your requirements, you can speak to Business Bookkeeping Associates in complete confidence anywhere in the Wellington region. Dedicated and transparent when it comes to working with all clients we can provide the ideal service to suit, from accounting or taxation to our bookkeeping or payroll service. Don’t hesitate to call our office for more information or to arrange after hours service.

Payroll services

You can ensure your operations make complete business sense and that you stay on top of the money coming in and out with our expert payroll services.


Our pricing reflects our desire to keep costs as low as possible for you. Talking with us is always free and we offer flexible plans. There are no hidden charges and you will always know the costs in advance. Our quoted price is always respected and will not be exceeded unless previously agreed with you.


As a progressive firm, we utilise the latest technology and systems to ensure quick and accurate processing. The main system we use and support for our clients is Xero. With our vast resources we can work with your data in the most flexible way. Our team can also help you use your own technology in order to minimise accounting costs.

Taxation services

As authorised Inland Revenue Tax Agents we have the ability to provide complete taxation services, which cover:

  • GST returns
  • Income tax returns – business, shareholder/partner
  • Rental property accounts
  • Financial reports - any frequency required
  • Annual financial accounts/reports
  • Business advice

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